Your personal guide to unlocking the hidden gems
of your destination

Free self-guided walking tours created by those who know the city best - the locals! Follow the  best local recommendations and discover the hidden gems, secret hangouts, and enjoy the city like locals.

Uncover the secrets spots of the city

Discover what makes each city unique, through experiences crafted by locals called Footprints.

What is the Footprint?

Created by our community of locals, footprints are exciting experiences made up of multiple steps, each associated with a unique location within the city.

Choose from a large selection of Footprints depending on your mood

Tell us what you fancy doing and we’ll show a variety of Footprints to choose from that match your needs.

No more inconvenience only an amazing experience

It’s completely free. No more time wasted on researching things to do, no commitment or advance booking required. All you have to do is download the app and get ready to explore!

Download Like Locals and let the adventure begin.

Like Locals is a free and easy to use app, powered by locals, offering

insight into the hidden gems of each city to travellers and locals alike

It all started
with a game.

Gabriella and Constantinos, the two co-founders of Like Locals, had a passion for exploring new cities, but they had a strong dislike for the traditional guided tours. After a bad experience, they decided to explore their next destination in a new way and to make a competition out of it. They put together a game for their friends to guide them in their next location, leading them to hidden places around the city and asking them quirky trivia questions. The game was on. And Like Locals was born.


”Even as a local, it is hard to constantly find and decide on new things to do. This app will put several cool locations together in a walk, and all within a short distance from each other. It’s great and much better than doing all the research on my own!”


”I hate researching a place, but I'm usually the one who has to find out things to do, because of my lazy friends. Not anymore, all I had to do was ask what they were interested in doing, was shown a selection of footprints created by locals. They were so personalized it seemed they were created for us.”


”I have been living in London for three years and thought I'd seen everything. However, after using this app I was amazed by how many cool places I'd never seen before. I will be using it when I travel later this year.”


”I'm tired of being bombarded with information about a place. The app makes learning about city fun. Instead of just directing you to places, it challenges you to look deeper into your surroundings through the unique quiz feature.”


”This is the only alternative to the boring, expensive and inconvenient local tour guides. The app helped me to discover so many hidden gems in Barcelona, but on my own terms.”


”Wow. I didn't realize that the inventor of the Rubix cube was from Budapest.”


How can I create my own Footprint?

If you are an experienced local and want to share some tips, get in touch with us via the form below and we can work together to create and publish your own Footprint!

Can you offer private / branded Footprints?

If you are a business, a University, a society, or even just a group of people and you are looking to create a private or a branded Footprint for a specific audience or event, then please share your interest via the form below.

How can we partner?

If you’re looking for a partnership, we are here to help. Having previously partnered with local businesses, OTAs, universities, and hostel management groups we can add more value and exposure to your business.

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We are always looking for passionate people to help us with our cause. If Like Locals inspires you, do not hesitate to let us know!

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